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grow in faith and love.


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Billie Burr always made me laugh when she was recruiting tenors and basses for the choir and she’d say, “We need a few good men.” A new book in our library is, “Get Real: A Spiritual Journey for Men.”

When I arrived at my first church to serve as the Minister of Youth and Education, there was not a single woman on the official board—no women deacons, no women elders. They did allow the Christian Women’s Fellowship President to make a report because of course they wanted to know about the next fellowship dinner. It was out of balance. There were many women who worked hard at the church. They were active throughout the life of the church. They were strong women leaders but they were not elected leaders. It wasn’t balanced and it wasn’t healthy. Healthy churches have men and women leaders.

A recent study stated that boys whose fathers attend church are more likely to stay in the church. All I have to say about that is, “duh.” What kind of men are we teaching our boys to be? We need men to help with Youth Group, Sunday School and Worship and Wonder. We need men who are strong Christian role models.

Girls need to see their dads and granddads involved as well. We make sure our kids are involved in sports, in music, in dance, in art, in the best schools—we want our kids to be well rounded. We want physically healthy children. We want our children to be well educated. I believe the most important foundation you can provide for your child is a relationship with Christ. That relationship is an ongoing process. It doesn’t stop with baptism.

As I walk with families through crises and hardship I see how important it is that they have been nourished by God’s word through the years. Sunday after Sunday we make investments into our spiritual bank account so that when we need it most our faith is our firm foundation.

As a Christian I believe we need to be together in church. We need to work, learn, worship and grow together in our walk of faith. Men and women of Christ, let us continue to challenge each other, love each other, help each other and reach with all of our love, with God’s love into the world. I fervently pray for a deepening of our spiritual lives.

Shalom, Cindy    Butterfly

Bon Air Christian Church