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proclaim the Gospel,
Reaches up to worship God
and Reaches in to nurture and
grow in faith and love.


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Watchful Waiting in the Wilderness

Cross at Sunrise

I love this photo taken by Traci Eagle at Hollywood Cemetery. I love the way the leaves blaze in the rising sunlight. The simple cross silhouetted with the light emerging in the midst of the darkness.

Hope is spoken here.
There is no darkness too deep.
There is more.
It is on the way.

We who have trouble staying focused for 40 minutes, or sometimes 40 seconds are invited into
these 40 days of wilderness trekking.

Wilderness - unexpected, unchartered, no tame horizons. It is wild. Do we want to go? We get to choose—we always have a choice.

Will we delve into our souls? Will we hide? Or will we seek after God's truth and will for our lives?

Will we honestly look at our lives and seek out how we can welcome the one who does extraordinary things in the lives of very ordinary people?

Will we commit ourselves to walking the lonesome valley along with Jesus so that we can find out who he is in our lives now—in this moment in time, not what we learned once upon a time, a long time ago—but what we will learn today.

I thank God that we can walk through this Lenten journey together. I thank God for you. He is acting in our lives today.


Cindy     Butterfly


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