BACC reaches out to
proclaim the Gospel,
Reaches up to worship God
and Reaches in to nurture and
grow in faith and love.


June Newsletter & calendar


Happy Birthday BACC!

On June 4, we celebrate Pentecost, the birthday of the Church. Fifty four years ago BACC was blessed by the insight and courage of those who dreamed of starting a new Disciples of Christ church in Chesterfield County. Some of those friends who have been role models, who have helped us to grow in our faith and who are still part of our faith community are Mabel Garrison and her daughter, Dolly Grey; Jeter Bourne (and her adult children from Roanoke who visit regularly); and John and Judy Crank.

There is still a need for new congregations, here in the United States and around the world. The Pentecost Special Offering goes to help new churches get started. The theme for the 2017 Pentecost Offering is Churches Change the World... Start More! The church has a lasting impression on the community that it serves, proclaiming the Gospel, praying for the disenfranchised, caring for the poor and empowering the oppressed.

So come celebrate the birthday of the Church on June 4th... and remember to wear red in celebration and give generously to the Pentecost Special Offering. We hope to see a sea of red on June 4th!

Jamie McDonald


Bon Air Christian Church