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October Newsletter & calendar


Circle the Table

Eating alone is no fun. So some sidle up in front of the tv so then we have dinner with Sa-brina Squire or Lester Holt. But really we're still eating alone, but distracted. Nutritionist tell us that's not a healthy habit. Instead we should savor our food and pay attention to the flavor, the smells and the textures. When we eat mindfully we typically eat healthier.

Sunday morning we eat together. We share the bread of life and the cup of salvation. For some of us it is the moment when we feel the great-est connection with God. It is a time to open our hearts to God's peace and love poured out for us. We are never alone at the table be-cause there we literally commune with God, commune with one another.

Here at the family table, our Lord's table we feel God connecting us to one another. God's love is stronger than the barriers that we have built that divide. The bread of life is broken that we may know healing and wholeness. The cup of salvation is poured out so that we may know life abundant.

In the choir's anthem "Circle the table" we hear: "Circle the table, hands now extend. Wel-come a stranger, greet a new friend. Open your circle let it expand." How can we allow the circle around this table to expand? Forgive one another, make peace with those who have hurt you. Make peace with yourself.

We come at Jesus' invitation. He invites us to share this meal at the family table where everyone is welcome and wanted. We come knowing that here in this place Jesus feeds us with his grace and mercy. Lay your burden down here. Lay down the hurt in your heart, the worry that weighs so heavily upon your shoulders, lay down the bitterness and anger and anything that keeps you from knowing the fullness of God alive within you. Circle the table.

There are no words to describe how honored and humbled I am to have been able to share table fellowship with you for 30 years. I love you and I am ex-ceedingly grateful to you and to God. God is good, God is great, let us thank him


Cindy     Butterfly

Bon Air Christian Church