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Bright Star

My dear friends:
You are incredible. My family and I could not ask for more loving friends. There are no words for us to adequately express our gratitude to you in this difficult time.

I miss Micah. The incredible hurt in my heart is a testimony to having loved so completely. I have been blessed beyond measure to have three amazing, compassionate and loving children. I am proud of my kids.

I remember when the congregation had a baby; that's what it was like when he was born. And throughout the past 26 years you helped him to grow in his faith and to know God. He loved you all. He prayed for you and he appreciated all the things you did for him. I remember Frank taking him Christmas shopping so he could buy me a present, Bud patiently helping him with science projects and oh so many other acts of kindness you extended to him through-out his life. When he graduated from High School you gave him a cross, which he wore and always cherished.

Micah always believed. He believed in Jesus and this Christmas he is with Jesus. Micah had his share of faults and foibles like the rest of us but he was always pure of heart. He loved completely and fully and he was loved completely and fully. He's with his dad and his heavenly father and it is wondrous and beautiful and better than anything any of us can ask or imagine.

So here is my Christmas message, this baby born into the world came to save us. He saved my son by taking him into his arms and cradling him with perfect love, as it says in Away in a Manger, "fitted him for heaven." This is the good news—there is more. Because of the birth of a tiny child in a manger under the light of a star, there is hope. There is hope that can never be taken from us. There is light that cannot be snuffed out.

Believe. Believe the best is yet to come. Fly high, my boy.

Love you all and praying that you may know peace and joy at Christmas and always.


Cindy     Butterfly

p.s. Unbeknownst to me when I wrote this article Dan registered a star, "Micah Tyler Dutrow". There is a site and also a memorial page for Micah's star. If you would like to visit it and leave a message the link is:

Bon Air Christian Church